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Arrival 27 09- 2023
Departure 28 09- 2023

You will be wrapped up in peace that will take you into a long moment of oblivion. You will easily relax your body and just be...

Vital & SPA is the place created for relaxation. Here you will experience the power of water in a private pool and Jacuzzi, warm up in an intimate sauna offered for private use.

Our Wellness is the place of unlimited possibilities to let you free yourself from stress and anxiety. The space belongs to Jolanta and Lidia, who offer a wide range of massages, beauty or physical treatments. Make sure your stay in our hotel is a unique and pleasant experience.

We enhance beauty – We reconstruct the inside

To book a treatment please call us at 537 007 143 from 8.00 am to 08.00 pm


  • Arcel MED Jean D’Arcel - 290 zł / 50 min.

An innovative treatment which has intensive smoothing effect using products with very high collagen and hyaluronic acid concentration.

  • Raspberry Treasure MOKOSH - 220 zł /  50 min.

A nourishing treatment using oil of raspberry seeds and antioxidants: vitamins C and B. Natural extracts make the skin cleansed and soothed.

  • Peptide mask /strong - 90 zł / 30 min.  

An instant treatment which delivers deep hydration and rejuvenation to the skin and increases resistance to external factors. Isomers and saccharides have an intensive moisturising effect, panthenol soothes and sorbitol retains water in cells.

  • Facial massage with a serum of your choice -80 zł / 30 min. 

A nourishing and relaxing facial treatment combined with aromatherapy, which has a cheerful and uplifting effect, using a serum of your choice: Delicious Orange, Delightful Fig or Refreshing Cucumber.

  • Sensitive Vege Jean D’Arcel 140 zł / 50 min.

A delicate calming and soothing treatment for sensitive and capillary skin.

  • Lift Yeux Jean D’Arcel 80 zł / 30 min.

A radiating banquet treatment which refines skin texture and elasticity of the skin with hyaluronic acid and stem cells.  

  • Spring Garden MOKOSH -240 zł / 50 min.

A strong cellular regeneration based on natural extracts of rose, blackberry, raspberry and lavender. The treatment firms skin tone and protects the skin against harmful external factors.

  • Aromatic Fig MOKOSH -215 zł / 50 min.

A detoxifying and highly rejuvenating treatment based on macerate and fig extracts brings instant relief to tired skin.

  • Cavitation Peeling -70 zł / 30 min.

A cleansing treatment applied with high frequency ultrasound waves. As a result, the peeling removes toxins and dead epidermis simultaneously oxygenating and hydrating the skin. The treatment makes the skin rejuvenated thanks to the stimulation of collagen fibres. It perfectly prepares the skin for the absorption of active agents.

  • Cavitation peeling and a beauty treatment of your choice - 35 zł / 15 min. 


  •  Aphrodite’s Golden Glow - 240 zł / 100 min.

A beautifying and rejuvenating ceremony, ideal for skin in need of nourishment. Because of its beautiful luxurious aroma and a radiant effect it is recommended especially for women. A soothing facial massage at the end enhances a feeling of deep relaxation.

  • Cleopatra’s Beauty 210 zł / 90 min.

A soothing ritual for tired and irritated skin. Goat milk extracts soothe and restore vitality. Pearl extract provide intensive care and hydration. The treatment is ideal for people using a sauna and pool prone to skin dehydration.

  • Trip to Marrakesh 215 zł /  90 min.

A relaxing and firming ritual based on cocoa beans nourishes and improves overall skin condition. Chocolate leaves a delicate brownish skin complexion and its scent uplifts the mood and makes you feel relaxed.

  • Express Gold - 160 zł / 45 min.

  An instant treatment with body scrub and massage guarantees better blood circulation and leaves a beautiful, golden glow on the skin which creates the effect of a healthy complexion and radiance. The treatment is ideal for people who appreciate saving time and luxury


  • Lady’s Treatment - 150 zł / 50 min. (full body)

A relaxing full body massage with a beautiful scent of Karite balm – relaxation and skin nourishment in one. The moment of relaxation will be complemented with a glass of delicious Martini.  

  • Gentleman’s Treatment 150 zł / 50 min. (full body)

A relaxing massage with essential oils combined with the tasting of whisky on the rocks.

  • Hot Stone Massage - 75zł / 20 min. (back) / 160 zł / 50 min. (full body)

It is used to boost deep relaxation and ease tense muscles with hot basalt stones. The treatment eliminates excessive muscle tension and helps relieve back pain. It is especially recommended on cold days.

  • Aromatic Chocolate Massage  - 70 zł /  20min. (back)/ 150 zł / 50 min. (full body)

Deep relaxation massage with real chocolate. It improves overall skin condition and beautiful chocolate scent wraps the senses and brings about a good mood.

  • Relaxing Massage with Essential Oils - 65 zł / 25 min. (back) / 140 zł / 50 min. (full body)

A soothing relaxation massage combined with aromatherapy calms down and leaves your body relaxed. The massage is applied with slow movements which mitigate stress and calm down. Together with the scent of aromatic oil it brings about soothing to the senses and is especially recommended to people suffering from stress.

  •  Nourishing Candle Massage - 75 zł / 20 min. (back) /  160 zł / 50 min. (full body)

A relaxing massage using special candles of natural ingredients. A blend of warm, nourishing wax and the scent of essential oils will make you calm down and reduce stress.

  • Sound therapy – tuning fork massage - 150 zł / 60 min. (individual session) / 50 zł / 60 min. (group concert)

A natural therapeutic method which uses a massage with a wave sound which works on the whole body, also at the cell level. A massage with the pure sound of tuning forks has a positive influence on our body and mind, brings balance to the nervous system and internal organs.


  •  Classic Massage 70 zł / 20 min. (back) / 145 zł / 50 min. (full body) 

The massage helps nourish tissues, has a positive influence on all body systems, mitigates pain and muscle tension. It is especially recommended after a prolonged physical and mental effort. It favours restoring vital forces and eliminates damaging effects of stress.

  • Soothing Herbal Ball Massage 75 zł / 30 min. (back) 160zł / 50 min. (full body)

An oriental massage using specially selected herbs make active ingredients penetrate easily deep layers of skin. The treatment soothes and restores body balance and the warmth of the balls brings relief to muscles and joints.

  • Pain Relieving Back Massage with Peat Poultice - 80 zł / 40 min. 

A warming up healing treatment using natural Kołobrzeg peat. Ingredients of the peat relieve pain and inflammation. The treatment using peat expels toxins and rejuvenates.

  • Foot massage with elements of reflexology - 80 zł / 25 min.

An immensely relaxing massage which intensively stimulates foot receptors that favour rejuvenation processes and biological recuperation of the whole body. It provides foot care, hydrates and leaves the skin silky soft.

  •  Ice Massage85 zł / 25 min.

A stimulating, intensive massage of a selected body part with ice increases the body temperature and works to accelerate metabolic processes and reduce fatty tissue. The skin is toned thanks to the strengthening of collagen fibres.


  • Chinese Cupping Massage - 70 zł / 20 min. (thighs and buttocks) / 70 zł / 20 min. (back)

An intensively toning, vacuum massage. It stimulates blood circulation leaving your tissues better nourished, which prevents the building of cellulite, tones and redefines body contours.

  • Herbal Cleansing Massage - 75 zł / 25 min. (back) / 150 zł / 50min. (full body)

A bespoke massage applied with powerfully detoxifying herbs. The massage ensures deep relaxation and induces many positive changes in the body while an intensive aroma has a relaxing effect on the mind.

  • Baltic Breeze Aromatic Scrub - 160 zł / 45 min.

An aromatic body scrub using bee wax with refreshing aromatic notes.

  • Magic Orchid - 160 zł / 45 min.

Body scrub with an incredible black orchid aroma. 


1. By purchasing Vital & SPA services the Guest acknowledges they have read and accepted the rules below.

2. The SPA is a quiet zone. Having concern for your relaxation we kindly request that you do not bring mobile phones or that they are switches off before the treatment.

3. In the SPA it is expressly prohibited to: • smoke • consume alcohol • use drugs or other intoxicants • bring in pets.

4. Entry to the SPA may be refused to persons • whose behaviour indicates they are under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants; • for whom a treatment may be a health or life risk • whose behaviour may put other guests or SPA staff at risk; • whose personal hygiene does not meet generally accepted standards.

5. The Guest shall be held financially liable for all and any damage to the Vital & SPA equipment caused either by them or by persons they are responsible for.

6. Booking of a Vital & SPA service must be done no later that 2 hours before the scheduled treatment time and it is valid until no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled time. Considering the limited availability, we recommend that the booking is made a few days in advance

7. In case of late arrival for a treatment over ten minutes after the scheduled treatment time, Vital & SPA reserves the right to cancel a booking or shorten the time of treatment without a reduction of the price.

8. A treatment may be cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled treatment time without any charge. Vital & SPA reserves the right to charge 50% of the treatment price in case a treatment is cancelled 6 hours before the scheduled treatment time. In case a treatment is cancelled less than 6 hours before the scheduled treatment time, Vital & SPA reserves the right to charge 100% of the treatment price.

9. Vital & SPA reserves the right to change the SPA opening hours for reasons beyond its control, i.e. force majeure circumstances or technical problems.


• Treatments may be booked by telephone from 08.00 am until 08.00 pm calling 537 007 143 or online by visiting the website www.booksy.pl



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