Arrival 27 09- 2023
Departure 28 09- 2023

Maxymilian *** Unique Hotel is the perfect choice for those exacting travellers whom are looking for rest, peace and relaxation.

A place to experience special moments, and create unforgettable memories!

#YourEnclaveBy the Sea

Uwielbiam pracować z ludźmi, którzy stale szukają inspiracji, przełamują schematy i chcą się rozwijać. Dla dobra Gości!

Izabela Zug
Współtwórca i Gospodarz

We like to surprise our guests with spontaneous, completely natural hospitality, hospitality with a passion! We love working with people who are constantly looking for inspiration, finding those little things that make a real difference to our guests and strive for greater personal development, all for the good of our guests!

Izabela Zug
Co-funder and host

Iza, Marzena, Julian, Marlena, Jola i Karolina

Let our Receptionists take care of you from the moment we say our first hello to the final goodbye!

IMilena, Paulina i Karolina

Our discrete housekeeping team will leave your room as fresh and clean as the day you arrived with us. Harmony and relaxation are words our team lives by.

Edyta i Beata

At the bar it is our pleasure to serve you a welcome drink of your choice from a wide selection of alcoholic beverages as well as our unique non-alcoholic offerings.

Natalia, Marzena, Weronika, Weronika,Julia, Agnieszka

Chef Julian and his team will delight you with dishes prepared with natural ingredients. Not only a delight for the palette, but for the eyes also!

Celina, Julian i Łukasz

Discover that being able to “please yourself” on vacation is real the real way to have fun!

Jolanta i Lidia 


Maxymilian *** Unique Hotel is a comfortable Spa Hotel by the sea, offering a comprehensive range of recreational services. One of the most important advantages of our hotel is its location - just a stroll from the beaches and seaside promenade, while at the same time in a quiet spa district.

Maxylilian’s location is an advantage that will certainly appeal to anyone looking for a quiet hotel in Kołobrzeg for a short or longer stay. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with what we offer and we cordially invite you to Kołobrzeg and Maxymilian. Currently, you can redeem the Polish Tourist Voucher with us at Maxymilian Hotel.

Hotel Spa Maxymilian is housed in the historic, restored interiors of a villa from the beginning of the 20th century. Our cozy decor and functionally arranged rooms ensure a pleasant stay and comfort while you are our guest at the Polish seaside. We offer our guests a number of amenities tailored to individual needs. Maxymilian

Maxymilian *** Unique Hotel and other hotels in Kołobrzeg - what distinguishes us? Aesthetic decor and an unusual, intimate atmosphere, appreciated by both by our guests and people looking for the perfect place for an exclusive banquet, special event or conference. We invite you!

Hotel Maxymilian invites you to Kołobrzeg!


Przedsiębiorca uzyskał subwencję finansową w ramach programu rządowego "Tarcza finansowa 2.0 Polskiego Funduszu Rozwoju dla Mikro, Małych i Średnicch Firm", udzieloną przez PFR SA. 

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